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Manufacturing specifications disclosed for the first iPhone 7 thanks to Foxconn

For the first time in the history of the iPhone, we have the opportunity to see an internal document a manufacturer of iPhone 7 in detailing all the specifications imposed by Apple to produce new smartphone, Foxcoon the company from which was taken the document, as as those who confirm the new iPhone’s 7 Home button .

We are talking about a series of specifications for production that Apple imposes on those at Foxconn in order to manufacture iPhone 7 customers worldwide, the documents of this kind is normally guarded very strictly by the companies, but lo employee managed to record a picture with him.

In this internal document specifying how the iPhone 7 will be made based on drawings provided by Apple, but also extremely precise specifications that the Cupertino they have set for mounting internal components or manufacturing of certain parts accessories.

Internal document that reveals the making of iPhone

Moreover, the document describes the tolerance limits imposed by Apple in the assembly of components supplied, and orientation of all of the components that will be installed, Apple with some extremely strict conditions regarding the manufacture of its products.

Moreover, in the document are very clear specifications about the chemicals which may or may not be use genuine by the factory assembly process of the iPhone 7, the purpose of Cupertino as to prevent a situation like the one in Samsung poisoned 200 employees in its factories.


Continuing, the final dimensions must be measured to the millimeter in the conditions imposed by Apple, and the interesting part is that those in Cupertino have also provided some of the machines to be used in assembling the iPhone 7 or creating components for it.

Apple requires that its engineers to check the machines that will produce or assemble certain components before production begins, so Foxconn must meet specifications that person before they can let go of mass production, its as is normal in such situations.

Finally, Apple says that the documentation to specify the exact dimensions to be made in certain components or assembled seven others for the iPhone to work properly, the whole process must be monitored constantly by Foxconn employees to place in the best conditions.

As I said above, this is the first time that a document of this kind reach on the Internet and is very interesting to see what kind of conditions requires Apple to manufacture its new smartphone.

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iPad Pro vs iPad Air

For iPad Pro users, selecting between two type of iPad Air, is sometimes challenging. Thats because every year comes with new versions, new attributes and accesories. Thats because you must choose between glossier design of iPad Air as well as the iPad minis Retina Display. In following rows we make an effort to help to determine, shoing the differences and likenesses between this two devices. Lets start !.
Whatever folks says, the size issue!

Now it is more streamlined and concentrated than last year’s iPad Pro, drawing inspiration from your iPad mini’s layout. In accordance with Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge with a history of exact iPad leaks the 5th-generation iPad Pro will more than likely start around October. Meanwhile, the iPad mini’s size, remains virtually the same as this past year’s version. Despite of his four percent depth compared to first-gen iPad mini, we doubt that’ll make for quite a noticeable change. Both pills are 7.5 millimeters thick.
 However, when selecting between these two, that opening is quite a bit narrower than it was with the 2012 versions.
Integrated aluminum!

Theres no surprise here because both pills sport Apple are tight and recognizable aluminum building.
No gold colours!

Sorry, no gold for you personally! Silver/white and space grey/black colours are are two of the three same colours where Apple sells the iPhone 6s.
Show the planet !

iPad mini’s Retina Display it now packages as several pixels as the bigger iPad Air, which means it’s a higher pixel density. And thats the huge news here.
Central Processing Unit-professor

 Now, that processor was leveled, as both tablet computers get the 64-bit A9 processor, which can also be discovered in the iPhone 6s. Also are available at least in the Air. As we understand Apple, we had bet about the same for the Retina miniature.

Apple’s M7 movement coprocessor makes the jump from your iPhone 6s to both new iPads. It may not make as much sense on a tablet pc. Still, it could log data in the tablet pc’s detectors without killing your battery (for M7 optimized programs).
Storage choices will also be identical in both tablet computers. It appears that Apple is increasingly seeing these storage choices of the two tablet computers as more than enough.
It seems like both tablet computers also provide the exact same cameras with unchanged resolution from this past year’s versions.

Speaking about battery, Apple is advertising similar sorts for both tablet computers (up to ten hours of internet use over WiFi).

Apple says that multiple WiFi antennas can provide “up to twice the WiFi performance”, which is the enormous change this season. Both tablet computers are made in more low-cost WiFi only versions, along with WiFi with LTE mobile variants.


New iOS 9 using its new level layout is running on both tablet computers. Moreover, its upgraded to activate iCloud Keychain, which functions as a cloud-based password storage system.
The gossips about Retina iPad mini are saying that Apple is starting it out a bit later compared to iPad Air.
Beginning costs

Eventually, the hot spotThe cost! Well, is great to learn that Retina Displays do not come cheap., Apple added an additional US$70 onto the iPad mini’s cost because of more sophisticated technology in the new version. A year ago, iPad mini lower cost was about $300. Now, the iPad Air gets an identical price points as every full-sized iPad Pro before it, beginning at $500 for a 16 GB WiFi only variation.
Dont hurry to declare the victor yet! Yes, iPad mini had remained at $330, and we had might be enticed to declare it. However, your choice is more demanding. Actually , it is the strategy of Apple’s: the iPad mini’s light and streamlined build is really fine, it threatens to remove the bigger model from marketplace. Shrinking and lightening the larger model but increasing its cost might help even the scales in customer’s heads. Both devices look like quite sound alternatives, and easily the most effective iPad PRO to date.