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How to download AppSync for iOS 8.2

AppSync is a popular Cydia tweak, very useful for any iDevice out there. This app will let you sync between all your jailbroken devices. It is very useful if you are the type of person that wants to install third-party apps or cracked apps. To better understand why AppSync is useful, you should probably know that Apple doesn’t let you pay for one application and get it on multiple devices.

When you purchase an app, you cannot duplicate it. Apple ensures that the app will not be transferred to another device without permission. Basically, you can’t pay for an app on a single device and have it on multiple ones. AppSync  gives you the permission to install apps that are not only from the Apple Store, meaning that you get access to  free applications from HipStore, iFunBox, Pandaapp, Zeusmos, and others.

First thing you need to do is jailbreak your iDevice, then follow these easy steps:

1. Open Cydia.
2. Go to Manage.
3. Now tap on Edit.
4. Next tap on the Add button, a pop-up window will appear and enter hipstore ios 8 source for cydia on iOS 8.2.

5. You can choose from the following repos:


6. Once you get that source added, tap on Return to Cydia.
7. Now go to Search and type in AppSync for your iOS version and hit Install. Each version of the app is in conformity with an iOS version. For example, if your iPhone is iOS 8, you will need AppSync 8.0+, for iOS 8.2, you will need AppSync 7.0+ and so on. Now all you have to do is install the AppSync version that works with your device.

For more info on how to download free cydia apps and cracked iOS apps check


Transform Spotlight Search into a Dictionary

In Cydia Store you can find a lot of tweaks that can remove from my opinion that useless page called Spotlight Search, but what if you can give another meaning to that nonsense. Well with what I am about to present you can transform Spotlight into a Dictionary. Yes you heard it right; you will have the possibility to lock up a definition of a word. Maybe for some of you this is useless too. Is it useless when you hear a new word and to avoid any embarrassment you rely to something like this? The answer is simple, no. It is good to improve yourself than to stay ignorant.

Installation of SpotDefine is very simple, so does the functionality. You just simple input the word in the Spotlight field and after the search is complete you will be greeted with the definition and much more information related to that word.

If you want to have a Dictionary instead of the usual Spotlight functionality head to Cydia and download SpotDefine from the BigBoss repo this tweak for free.