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Remembering Installous – iPad with iOS 9

This article will be about the best alternatives for Installous from Cydia, that are used for iPad with iOS 9, as jailbreaking is now good to go for every iDevice with iOS 9.0.2. Plus, since some of the iPads come with the retina display feature it would be a shame not to fully use it, therefore to install & play as many apps and games as possible. This being said, we will now present 5 great substitutes for Installous, from Cydia.

1.IPA Installer Console: Comes from BigBoss repo and acts like a command line of AppSync, that will automatically remove the iTunesMetadata.plist file in order to bypass the update checking and therefore to use the apps for free. Furthermore, it also provides the ability of having apps that are not supported for your device. This means that you use it to install iPhone only apps on you iPad.

2.AppAddict: is a great fairly new alternative for Installous that is also very easy to use. After installation if you want to check the most popular apps, just select “Top 100” tab and you’ll find the apps with the most downloads.

3.Zeusmos: it’s the most successful one and it had an amazing number of downloads when it was first released. The big plus it has, is that you do not need to jailbreak your device to install and use it. How cool is that?

4.IPA Search: maybe the easiest way to install apps. You just need to visit the website from your iPad and search for the app you want; the IPA files will be downloaded directly on your iPad.

5.Kuaiyong: recently has become a very well name in the cracked apps community although itdoesn’t support English and it is a great substitute for Installous as it gives you the freedom to download apps without jailbreaking your device.

There are also other Installous alternatives you can try and use, such as: PandaApp, iFunBox, vShare, AppCake, Hip Store ( Heaven Store) and  so on.

Please note that we don’t recommend Installous or any other Installous alternatives in any manner or to Install .IPA files. The only reason we’ve provided this post, regarding Installous alternatives, is to help paying users to try out paid apps before they decide to purchase it.

Under no circumstance we don’t promote or support piracy or piracy-related apps.