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Apple appoints new boss for electric car project

Following the publication of information last week according to which the launch vehicle Apple will be delayed by one year due to problems encountered in the process or development, here today we learn new information indicating that Apple has found a new chief for the division in which working people they aim to bring this car to market.

According to a publication of the American company Apple had decided to convince Bob Mansfield to quit retirement and assume again a leadership role to bring a revolutionary new product on the market, car Apple is extremely important for those in Cupertino, as you probably already knew.

Apple car-

Bob Mansfield was senior vice president of Apple and worked in a variety of projects, he leading the division that develops hardware used in Apple products, his latest project is to develop Apple Watch, since he assuming a role adviser Tim Cook.

The return of Mansfield in a leadership role within Apple suggests that issues concerning the development of the electric car are very high and those in Cupertino have viable alternatives outside their former employee, he still having experienced extremely high in such projects .

Apple persuaded a reputed senior manager, who helped to launch many of its products icons, lead team to develop electric car.

Bob Mansfield was actively resigned as manager of Apple a few years ago, after leading the division that develops components for products such as MacBook, iMac, iPad or Apple Watch.

Apple now persuaded him to assume leadership of the division that develops electric car as the Titan project.

Although Bob Mansfield decided to return to lead a division within Apple, it does not mean that the car will get faster to market, but is actually a desperate attempt those from Cupertino to achieve its objectives and to launch the car in maximum 5 years in global markets.